When you buy an alkaline water ionizer for your home from Vitae Global, you also get access to an exclusive range of other top quality products with the latest cutting edge technology from the best manufacturers in the world. Unlike, other companies who only import a range of products from a single manufacturer, we draw on our experience to source top performing products ensuring you can get the latest cutting edge technology from the world's top manufacturers.

Research and Development

Vitae Global's ionizer leads the industry in research and development. The performance, durability, and quality is unsurpassed.

* Top performing ionizer on the market.
* Vitae Global is committed to continuous improvement offering the latest cutting edge features and technology and the stylish design complements modern decor.
* Our manufacturer sells more ionization technology worldwide than any other company.

* Our manufacturer has led the industry over the years in research and development.
* The Vitae Global model offer the newest and most efficient electrodes ensuring top performance and production of molecular hydrogen under ideal pH levels.
* The unrivalled and patented DARC cleaning system protects your ionizer for years to come from the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizers.
* The Vitae Global Filtration Technology is the finest available on the market. Proprietary, patent-pending and using USA media.