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Water Ionizer Repair/ Support Form
Please completely fill out the form below and then click "submit".

This information will help us make sure your needs are addressed ASAP by the appropriately qualified person.

Once we receive the completed form, we will respond in one of two ways:

1) PHONE: If we believe we can resolve your ionizer machine issue by trouble shooting over the phone - a Technical Support Representative will call you. If they cannot resolve it over the phone, then we will email you return shipping instructions and a Service Authorization Number.
2) EMAIL: If it is clear from your form that your alkaline water ionizer needs to be returned for service, you will be emailed instructions and a Service Authorization Number, within 24 hours.

If you don't see our email within three business days, please check your junk folder.
Please be sure to follow all instructions, especially the return packaging instructions, or you could void your valuable warranty. Doing so will ensure you get back to drinking the cleanest healthiest water as quickly as possible!
We look forward to helping you!


Please note: Vitae Global reserves the right to not accept incomplete forms.


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